Interviews — 15.05.18 BY Jill Stockbridge

Jet Crew is a connecting hub for private jet operators and crew members, allowing the different players in the industry to post, search and bid for crew jobs.

Altitudes talked to JetCrew’s Head of Recruitment, Belinda Bekker, about the exciting opportunities that this new tool offers to aircraft owners, operators, and crews around the globe.

This is just part of what makes it different from the traditional recruitment agencies, as Bekker explains: “Operators can view a wide range of crew profiles, not just three or four CVs from a recruitment agency. Crews anywhere can register and complete their personal and professional profiles through Jetcrew’s Android or iOS app. Then they can receive job notifications, communicate with operators, and bid through the app.

“Operators can search crew listings through tailored filters and view crew availability and location in real-time. Aircraft owners can use the app to post jobs, solicit bids, and connect with crew members directly. To ensure transparency and professionalism, the history and reviews of crews and operators are visible to everyone.



“To protect the confidentiality of the information submitted by individuals and companies, and to ensure that all of our listings are legitimate, operators are subject to a brief validation and confirmation process with Jetcrew’s staff.”

The platform also offers a new level of financial security for contract crew, by ensuring the payment transfers are made promptly. Bekker explains: “JetCrew acts as an escrow agent. Crews are assured of payment because the operators pay us in advance. Once the mission is completed and confirmed by the operator, JetCrew releases the funds to the crew.”

So how does the JetCrew model work, who is paying for the administration of the site and its facilities?

“It is free for crew and operators to register and explore profiles and job opportunities,” says Bekker. “There is also no charge for crews to apply for posted jobs. Operators are charged a 12% fee for short-term contract work and 10% of the total salary for permanent placements, which equates to approximately a one month salary fee.”



Although the company only launched the website in 2016 and the app last year, it has proven to be highly popular with both crew and operators and has garnered a swathe of high profile clients including CAE, Jet Aviation, Aviation Horizons, Gulf Wings, Jetex , JetHQ, Swan Aviation and BookaJet as well as a growing number of specialist crew.

Bekker is delighted. She says: “JetCrew is growing fast; we have 65 operators and 700 crew members currently listed. We have completed our soft launch and have begun serious marketing.”

The company hopes the marketing campaign will enable them to expand the scale of the operation globally, gaining new regional markets. Bekker is expectant: “Currently, most of JetCrew’s clients are in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. We plan on expanding into the US and Asia. We have just completed our soft launch phase, and now we are increasing our marketing presence. Look for JetCrew at an upcoming airshow near you!”


How can the operators and crew register on JetCrew?

  • Go to on your browser
  • iOS users can download the JetCrew app from the App Store
  • Android users can download the JetCrew app from Google Play