X2 Koh Samui is an urbane, urban utopia

Destinations — 01.11.17 BY Jane Stanbury
1. The property offers 21 villa suites with private pools.

X2 Koh Samui was one of the first properties to open, and wonderfully epitomises the brand. It delivers luxury in a way that indeed makes the soul sing. The property offers 21 villa suites with private pools, each isolated from the world outside by lush living walls dripping with tropical vegetation. Each garden incorporates reclining sun beds, a dining area, and a recessed seating ‘box’ in the wall, outfitted with mattresses and triangular Thai cushions allowing form to meet functionality for the perfect recline. The pool is large enough to do more than splash, and provides a welcome freshness throughout the day.

The styling of each villa is surprisingly urban. Clean lines abound; local, natural materials including bamboo and native woods form the design foundations. The neutral tones of the open plan space blend with polished, stuccoed grey concrete to deliver a Bauhaus-inspired property, set in the verdant gardens. The sumptuous platform bed sits beneath a vaulted cathedral ceiling, while wall-to-wall windows let in the light, but translucent privacy curtains keep out the heat of the day.

Both the garden and the bedroom give on to the vast bathroom, incorporating shower, ridiculously large bath, sink, wardrobe, and glassed off toilet area. Overall the impression is one of subtle design that intelligently incorporates nature and functionality to create an inviting, relaxing ambience. Once settled in there is no need to leave at any point. Food, drink, massages, can all be provided in suite and housekeeping is offered on demand.

Each villa is set back from a wooden boardwalk, which leads from the open-air reception to the 4K (pronounced Fork) restaurant and bar. This heavenly location provides two clear open-air sections, creating a spacious, enticing and cool, in all senses of the word, venue.


The modern design theme continues with a polished, black stone bar extending fifteen meters along one wall. A plethora of cocktail ingredients stand proudly on up-lit shelves carved into the wall. The drinks menu mixes traditional cocktails with X2 specials, featuring locally brewed sugar cane rum. Chilled coconuts are sipped straight from the husk, and an extensive wine list offers something to accompany every style of dish. Private barbeques under the stars, Thai cooking classes, or tailored set menus are all available. The highlight is the view, which looks out over an impossibly azure lagoon stretching to the horizon. Respite from the stifling heat is provided by the fresh sea breeze, which weaves its way through the diners throughout the day.

The 4K menu includes traditional Thai dishes such as Pad Thai noodles, and Mussaman curry, whilst the international offering includes lamb, steak and the ubiquitous fish and chips. Each served with its own X2 twist. The servers are friendly and helpful, yet remain unobtrusive, leaving the impression you are merely staying at your own private beach estate.

X2 boasts Koh Samui’s deepest pool with chill waters assured at the deepest spots. A raised lounge area resides over the gardens with plush day beds inviting guests to read, paint, or just sleep; at the shore’s edge beanbags, and sunbeds provide further dozing options. The overall effect induces pure apathy.

Uniquely X2 Koh Samui is the island’s only property to offer guests unlimited spa treatments throughout their stay. In the treatment rooms, tiny Thai therapists pummel and massage with incomprehensible strength ridding the body of stresses and strains using a combination of techniques, herbal poultices and various body parts as they use thumbs, elbows, knees, fists, hands to relieve everyday tension.

X2 has set out to blend contemporary luxury with nature, space and privacy and the full offering incorporates luxury yachts and a private jet, which flies passengers on individually tailored itineraries across Thailand. The tours have been developed to meld all the X2 components to create the ultimate in a single branded experience.

The X2 branded Gulfstream G200 is divided into two individual cabin areas reflecting the luxury of the on the ground experience. Operated by MJets, passengers benefit from a state of the art entertainment system, and an attendant with the required X2 DNA. The trip can be tailored to suit the guests, and of course larger or smaller aircraft can be chartered accordingly, and branded the X2 way. It perfectly reflects the ethos of X2. The combination creates a luxurious end-to-end experience for the modern luxury traveller that satisfies the mind, body, spirit and soul at the very highest of levels.