News — 13.09.22

Austrian software developer VOO Aviation Service is offering the industry a completely new digital marketplace that enables direct search, booking, management and payment for private jet flights.

This innovative tool offers operators and brokers the opportunity to find the best solution for the entire fleet without “dead” requests, at lower costs and with higher profit margins. As a result of this digital service, the start-up company (founded in 2020 in Graz, Austria) is now ready to make a breakthrough in international business aviation.

“After the travel restrictions were eased, business aviation got an opportunity to capture premium passengers who might previously have chosen airlines,” said VOO executive partner, Rene Inkret. “The overall motivator is traveling safely. Despite the lifting of pandemic-related measures, health and safety concerns remain an important driving factor in favour of choosing a private jet, as large commercial carriers can´t offer the same conditions.” Rene Inkret, VOO executive partner.