News — 25.05.22

In today’s buzzword-driven world, sustainability is an overly misused word.

Businesses from tiny, bedroom operations to massive multinational companies slip the in ‘S-word’ whenever they need to score some ‘eco points’, but most of the time, it’s simply hot air.

Very few solutions can be truly sustainable, apart from possibly those that harness the power of wind and more recently, waves, however, aviation and in particular, business aviation is leading the way when it comes to travel sustainability.

Jet engine manufacturers are designing ever more efficient ways of creating thrust, at quieter noise levels. Also, cutting-edge tech is enabling aircraft manufacturers to create more economical airframes and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) has gone from concept to reality in a short space of time. Produced from waste materials (Air bp’s SAF is currently made from used cooking oil and animal waste fat)– it’s developments like this that will keep business travel at the forefront of true sustainability.