Swiss Government receives Pilatus PC-24

News — 05.03.19 BY Jill Stockbridge
Pilatus PC-24

In February, the Swiss government officially took delivery of the Pilatus PC-24 it had ordered in 2014.

The brand-new PC-24 Super Versatile Jet replaces a business jet supplied by a North American manufacturer and previously used for government flights.

Ueli Maurer, President of the Swiss Confederation, took delivery of the PC-24 at a simple handover ceremony held in Berne. The Swiss Air Force will operate the aircraft for the Swiss government. The government jet sports a modern, white-grey livery with striking Swiss cross on the tail fin. The aircraft serial number is 121, indicating that it is the 21st PC-24 to come off the production line.

“I’m delighted the Swiss government opted for a Swiss product, and will travel aboard the PC-24 – the new ‘Swiss Air Force One’ – in the future! This choice sends a very important signal for our brand-new business jet. I’m confident that other governments will adopt the PC-24 once they see the unrivalled opportunities and flexibility which it offers,” commented Pilatus Chairman Oscar J Schwenk.


Pilatus PC-24
Pilatus PC-24

The aircraft will be used primarily for travel within Europe. The PC-24 has a range of 3,704 kilometres and flies at a speed of 815 kilometres per hour. The PC-24 is much less expensive to operate than jets of similar cabin size.

Pilatus is proud and thanks the Swiss government for its confidence in the brand-new Swiss business jet by Pilatus. The management and all employees are delighted that from now on, the government will fly in typical Swiss style: with the Pilatus PC-24.