Animating aviation

News — 24.12.18 BY Jill Stockbridge

Paul Cordwell, Photographer

Taking photographs of aircraft and aviation is a passion. I see beyond the airframe and I celebrate the form, texture and energy by crafting and manipulating light. Beyond seeing the object as a mere machine, my audience needs to be told a visually detailed story, both biased and deliberate, and that is my goal, as an artist and a photographer.

For example, in this image of a Beechcraft King Air B200 – shot for Zeusch Aviation, Lelystad in the Netherlands – I was asked to shoot images that would tell the story of the excellent professional services the company offers. The visual chemistry in the combined aircraft, people, light, lens, location and honed photographic techniques created this result.

Each photographer brings their unique interpretation of the client’s brief. I seek to show an alternate view of an aircraft, turning a slightly incongruous shape into a thing of wonder and beauty. I use my skills to create mystery, depth, texture and history to create inspiring images that defy reality and bring to life an inanimate mechanism.

I have always had an innate love for aviation. Aircraft are more than just extraordinary feats of engineering and have always fascinated me. From streamlining and design, to manufacture, the complexity of the artistry is truly inspiring. My hope is that through my photography, my clients and the audience will view aviation with that same reverence, manifested through the lens: romantic, beautiful and mysterious.