Jets — 02.09.21

Not only will the 2025 Dassault 10X be one of the most technologically advanced business jets on the market, it’ll have the largest cabin, too.

Hot on the heels of the announcement of the 6X, Dassault Aviation has revealed the 2025 Falcon 10X, a very-high-speed, ultra-long-range business jet with military-spec technology and penthouse-spec space. “We are introducing a new benchmark in business aviation,” said Dassault Chairman and CEO Eric Trappier at the Falcon’s launch. “The 10X will offer an unrivalled passenger experience over both short and long duration flights, along with breakthrough safety features from Dassault’s frontline fighter technology. We have optimised every aspect of the aircraft with the passenger in mind and established a new level of capability for ultra-long-range aircraft.”



“The 10X will be more than just another big step forward in business aviation. It will be absolutely the best business jet available in the ultra-long-range category, and will remain so for a long time,” said Trappier. To achieve the title of best ultra-long-range business jet, Dassault’s design team created a 6-feet, 8-inches (2.03 m) tall and 9 feet, 1 inch wide (2.77 m) cabin – this makes it almost 8 inches (20 cm) wider and 2 inches (5 cm) taller than the widest and tallest purpose-built business jet flying today. In fact, the 10X’s cross-section is larger than some regional jets, and then there’s the business jet’s modularity.

Multiple interior configurations allow owners to create a cabin layout that reflects their needs. The 10X is large enough to accommodate four-cabin zones of equal length and these can be tailored to suit varying requirements. For business users, an expanded dining/conference area with a private stateroom and a queen-size bed would be an option, while for a more travel-based cabin, a dedicated entertainment area with a large-screen monitor, along with an enlarged master suite with a private stand-up shower would be ideal.  “The 10X will be more than just another big step forward in business aviation. It will be absolutely the best business jet available in the ultra-long-range category, and will remain so for a long time,” said Trappier.


Comfort will be improved, with guests experiencing a 3,000-foot cabin pressure altitude while flying at 41,000 feet, with a next-generation filtration system that will provide 100-percent pure air – all ideal for enjoying a cabin that will be as quiet as the Falcon 8X, currently the quietest business jet in service.

To accommodate the extra cabin space, the 10X will feature an entirely new fuselage. Here, 38 extra-large windows will line the Dassault’s fuselage (nearly 50 percent larger than those on the Falcon 8X), making for the brightest cabin in business aviation.

Push-button safety: With the connected Smart Throttle, if the pilots are disoriented, or there is wake turbulence, they can simply press a button and the aircraft will automatically recover to a safe attitude and speed.


For owners requiring performance, the 10X delivers it in abundance. Two Rolls-Royce Pearl 10X engines (the largest and most powerful version of the Pearl series), deliver more than 18,000 pounds of thrust courtesy of Advance2 engine core, the most efficient core available across the business aviation sector. One of the new key features of the Pearl 10X will be 3D-printed combustor tiles, manufactured in a highly complex Additive Layer Manufacturing process. The engine is currently undergoing a comprehensive test programme, which includes the capability to operate on 100 percent Sustainable Aviation Fuels.

Combined with a very high aspect ratio, carbon fibre-composite high-speed wing the 10X’s projected range will be 7,500 nautical miles. This gives it the ability to fly nonstop from New York to Shanghai, Los Angeles to Sydney, Hong Kong to New York, or Paris to Santiago. The top speed will be Mach 0.925. Advanced, retractable high-lift devices will offer superior maneuverability at low approach speeds.


Controlling the 10X’s performance is an intuitive flight deck that features touch screens throughout. A next-generation Digital Flight Control System (derived directly from Dassault’s latest military technology), will provide an unprecedented level of flying precision and protection, including a revolutionary, new single-button recovery mode.

A single smart throttle will serve as the primary power control, connecting both engines to the Digital Flight Control System which will automatically manage the power of each engine.

Thanks to Dassault’s breakthrough FalconEye combined vision system (the first to offer enhanced and synthetic vision capabilities) combined with dual HUDs able to serve as primary flight displays, the 10X will be capable of operating in essentially zero ceiling/visibility conditions. To conclude, Trappier said, “We have set the bar for our new Falcon incredibly high. But I can confidently say that we have put this aircraft at the top of the market.”