News — 08.03.24

Women in Aviation Week holds special significance as it commemorates the licensing of the first female pilot, Raymonde de la Roche.

Textron Aviation also honors the legacy of Olive Ann Beech, the company’s legendary aviator who co-founded Beech Aircraft Corporation and inspired generations of women to pursue a career in aviation.

The milestone of licensing the first female pilot marked a crucial step in addressing gender disparity within the industry. In 2010, pilot and aviation instructor Mireille Goyer launched the ‘Fly it Forward’ initiative, aiming to introduce girls of all ages to aviation and encourage more women to pursue careers in the field. This initiative has since evolved into Women in Aviation Week, a global celebration of women’s contributions to aviation.

At Textron Aviation, we recognize the importance of providing opportunities and support for women in all facets of the aviation industry. Join us in celebrating the extraordinary achievements of women in aviation and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. Together, we can inspire and empower the next generation to take flight and shape the future of the industry.