Vienna Roundtable’s tenth anniversary

News — 17.02.19 BY Sylvie Peron

The annual event presents a unique networking opportunity in the region.

As the industry’s only private gathering of its kind in Europe, the highly anticipated Jet Aviation Vienna Roundtable attracts more guests from the Austrian business aviation community with each passing year. Approximately 250 industry leaders attended the event held at the Coburg Palace on January 31st 2019, with some flying in from around the world.

“The first Vienna Roundtable had just 10 guests, including me,” remembers event founder Oliver Bergsch, Vice President Sales EMEA & Asia.

“We met in an Austrian pub, sat around a big table, hence the event’s name, and exchanged ideas while breaking some pretzel bread together. Quite simply, I invited them to the table because I wanted to be better connected to my customers and believed we all had information or insights to share.

“I was also very fortunate to have had some key customers and contacts at the time, and that first Vienna Roundtable included executives from Avcon Jet, SGEF, Jet Support, International Jet Management and United Credit Leasing.

“It’s proven very popular,” he adds, “because there are so many key decision makers that attend. All the OEMs are represented, as well as more than 40 C-level operator executives and many owner reps. It is a truly great networking opportunity that everyone highly values. They also really appreciate the relaxed atmosphere and the fact that it’s a lot of fun.”

Even if it is difficult to say if any deals were ever signed at, or right after the event, building and improving relationships is a major attraction. “Worth its weight in gold,” says Bergsch. “I’ve put a lot of work and energy into this event and though we’ve tried to copy paste it into other regions, it just hasn’t worked the same way. The Vienna Roundtable really is quite special and it is clearly highly valued by our customers!”