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An updated and enhanced guide to buying a private aircraft.

The was founded by President and Senior Analyst Nick Copley back in 2006 and is renowned as a comprehensive, independent source for in-depth information about the luxury travel market. Over the years, Copley has interviewed numerous industry leaders, executives, and managers, including CEOs, Presidents, EVPs, and COOs. He has also had in-depth discussions with leading providers and operators and innovative start-ups, as well as speaking directly to hundreds of private flyers and luxury travelers about their various travel experiences.

“It was clear to us at SherpaReport that people needed a wide-ranging guide to help with aircraft acquisitions, whether buying a larger turboprop, a jet, or a piston aircraft.”


Years of Knowledge: The was founded by President and Senior Analyst Nick Copley back in 2006

The resulting insider knowledge, acumen, and insights are reflected in the quality of the comprehensive content and information that are available on SherpaReport, and now the latest Aircraft Buying Guide 2023 has been released.

Revealed before this year’s NBAA-BACE, the updated book provides comprehensive and user-friendly guidance on all aspects of purchasing a private aircraft. The latest edition has been increased to 60 pages in length and includes new sections on cabin requirements and customisation options, connectivity, and sustainability. It also includes the latest figures relating to the costs of various aircraft (both CAPEX and OPEX, including crew salaries, maintenance, connectivity, and more) and updated and enhanced information on legal, tax, and insurance considerations.


“For discriminating families and corporations, private aviation has become an increasingly popular alternative to commercial flying. The demand has pushed up prices, reduced the supply of good second- hand aircraft and increased the wait times for buying a new aircraft,” explains Copley, President of SherpaReport and co-author of the book. “It was clear to us at SherpaReport, that people needed a wide-ranging guide to help with aircraft acquisitions whether buying a larger turboprop, a jet or a piston aircraft.”

The publication offers a side-by-side comparison of almost 150 types of business aircraft and their specifications, as well as examples of current operating costs for over 25 models. “We also go through the reasons to own and not to own, including a trip cost calculator and a detailed needs assessment and analysis; the makeup of the ideal advisory and management teams; maintenance considerations; inspection tips; financing options; and more,” adds Paul LaFata, President of AirPower, a veteran with more than 40 years in the business and co-author of the guide.


The book also helps potential buyers and their teams decide whether full ownership is the best option or whether fractional ownership, jet cards, memberships, charters, or a combination of several of those options would better suit their needs.

Copleyconcludes,“We want our readers to be able to have intelligent conversations about all aspects of ownership with their brokers, advisors, and teams, so they can make smart decisions for themselves or their employers.”

The Aircraft Buying Guide 2023 is available to all SherpaReport members to download. Membership to SherpaReport provides access to numerous guides, jet card and fractional program comparisons, spreadsheets, and tips for all levels of knowledge, as well as individualised advice for any member who requests it.