News — 15.07.22

Always at the forefront of innovation, TAG Aviation is pleased to announce the introduction of the  TAG Flight App for all its aircraft owners across the world.

Originally launched two years ago in the Asian market where it has been extremely well received, TAG’s international IT teams have worked together to refine and adapt the App to all other markets’ requirements with a view to simplifying and enhancing its clients’ overall ownership experience. 

Via the TAG Flight App, owners can access a wealth of information about their aircraft. In just a  few clicks they can discover the charter flights planned for their aircraft, past trips, flight availability, schedules, destination information, crew status, passenger lists, maintenance events, and precisely where it is in the world – even if it is in-flight. Push notifications can then advise on take-off and landing times and any schedule changes. The TAG Flight App comes free of charge to all owners and is available in both iOS and Android formats.