Sonas Aviation gears up for Irish AOC

News — 03.02.19 BY Sylvie Peron

Sonas Aviation, the new Shannon-based aircraft charter and management company, founded late last year by Graham Williamson, former CEO of TAG Aviation Europe, is just weeks away from acquiring its Irish AOC.

The new company is offering aircraft owners a simple transition for their aircraft to an EASA Operation, allowing free movement in Europe and unfettered traffic rights to the 44 countries covered by EU bilateral agreements, including the USA and Canada.

“Looking at EASA’s newly updated Guidance Notes, it is difficult to predict how aircraft operated, crewed, registered, maintained or managed from the UK will be affected, and this throws up uncertainty regarding importation, free circulation, certification and licensing,” says Williamson.

“Ireland (with its EJ registry) offers a simple importation and tax environment for owners. It is a renowned and secure legal jurisdiction for financiers and the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) is committed to developing and growing its already strong aviation sector.”

As well as traditional aircraft management, Sonas Aviation will offer expertise to clients looking to lease, rather than ‘buy’ their corporate jets. “Where better to advocate this growing model than in Ireland, home to many established commercial aircraft leasing companies dedicated to the airline sector,” explained Williamson.

Sonas Aviation is not seeking to grow into a large aircraft management company. Rather, it wants to build a close relationship with select clients, build trust and deliver a quality, personal service, maintaining full transparency on costs.