Racing to F1 team partnership

News — 01.10.18 BY Nelissa Baja

GlobeAir is to become Alfa Romeo Sauber F1 Team’s official partner. The far-reaching cooperation will begin next season and will include the transfer of racing drivers, team members and equipment as well as giving exclusive benefits to GlobeAir passengers who are F1 fans.


Formula 1 teams face enormous logistical challenges, moving people, materials and machines from race to race and country to country covering thousands of kilometres over the course of the racing season.

The Austrian private jet charter company based in Hörshing (Linz) will make its private jet fleet available to the Sauber F1 Team to ensure they reach their destinations quickly and safely. With the unique advantage of being able to operate its aircraft at short runway airports located in the proximity of some race-tracks such as Zeltweg, Girona and Speyer, GlobeAir which operates the world’s largest fleet of Citation Mustang, is set to give the Sauber F1 team a competitive advantage.