News — 14.02.22
Status-wise, the humble turboprop has often been seen as the turbofan’s less covetable cousin.

However, the truth is, propeller pioneers such as Cessna, Piper, Piaggio, Pilatus, and Beechcraft all build supremely capable aircraft. Luxury-wise, they can rival any jet and turboprops have the edge on fuel efficiency, too.

Powering the future: With its reduction in carbon emissions compared to traditional jet fuel, the popularity of SAF will continue to rise within private aviation.

They can take off and land at more challenging airstrips thanks to ample low-speed thrust (there’s a reason a lot of heavy-lift aircraft such as the Airbus A400M are turboprops) and Airbus has even swapped turbofans for turboprops on one of its zero emissions concepts.

For short journeys, at low altitude and low airspeeds, a turboprop makes complete sense.