News — 23.10.23

We take a look inside ExecuJet Middle East’s new hangar.

Based at Al Maktoum International Airport, ExecuJet Middle East’s new hangar facility is meticulously designed to fully cater to its clients’ aviation needs.

ExecuJet established its base in Dubai back in 1999 and was one of the first independent companies to offer business aviation services in the region. ExecuJet can provide the finest aircraft management, flight operations and FBO and in offering a comprehensive product range and its new hangar will provide the perfect environment to maintain clients’ aircraft.


Offering 7,000 square metres of space, the new hangar’s extensive floor space allows accommodation for a wide range of aircraft types and sizes. Aircraft can also be efficiently maneuvered, maintained and stored courtesy of a strategically designed layout. Equipment storage is also well thought out and the hangar’s clear span construction enables maximum flexibility and unobstructed movement.



Dubai’s high temperatures and summer humidity require an exceptional climate control and ExecuJet’s advanced air conditioning system is designed to maintain optimal temperatures and humidity levels. This safeguards aircraft from extreme weather conditions and moisture-related damage while protecting sensitive aircraft equipment and materials. Cool temperatures also create a comfortable working environment for maintenance personnel, ensuring efficiency and productivity.

Comprehensive service: ExecuJet is well-positioned to provide aircraft management, flight operations and FBO services.



ExecuJet’s cutting-edge security camera system offers peace of mind thanks to its high-resolution cameras with advanced video analytics for real-time monitoring. Providing 24/7 surveillance, the system covers every corner of the hangar, while secure access control measures prevent unauthorised entry to ensure aircraft and asset safety. ExecuJet even offers temporary office space to conduct confidential discussions, as well as a professional setting for meetings.