Nextant Aerospace’s 604XT Safe Flight AutoPower Kits

News — 02.05.19 BY Sylvie Peron

Nextant Aerospace is ramping up production of its Safe Flight AutoPower system kits to fulfil the demand for this option on the 604XT Pro Line Fusion flight deck upgrade package.


The system offers 604XT operators automatic speed control from take-off to touch-down which provides smoother speed changes during transitions. Other features included AOA and N1 flight envelope speed limit protection, engine synchronization, real-time power limits and IAS/MACH/N1 speed management, making it a highly sought- after cockpit enhancement.

AutoPower delivers significant flight performance advantages resulting in increased situational awareness, reduced crew workload, extended range/payload potential and greater passenger comfort.

Nextant’s 604XT Fusion flight deck complies with upcoming 2020 mandates and provides enhanced capabilities and safety. Nextant Aerospace has redefined the business aviation industry by using reimagined engineering and production capabilities to transform used business aircraft into new modern airframes. The airframes are rebuilt with innovative technology for improved performance, advanced flight deck avionics, and enhanced passenger cabin configurations.

The Nextant 604XT Safe Flight AutoPower option is offered exclusively through Constant Aviation.