News — 17.07.23

Lufthansa Technik is thinking big with a pre-launch concept design for the BBJ 777-9.

Being tasked with creating a VIP cabin for the BBJ 777-9, (formerly referred to as the BBJ 777X), is undoubtedly a grand challenge. There’s over 342 square metres of BBJ 777-9 cabin space to be carefully considered, created and modified, however, Lufthansa Technik Group is a leader in providing technical aircraft services and is certified internationally as maintenance, production and design organisation. So, for its creative and technical teams, the BBJ 777-9 is the perfect exercise in design and realisation.



While most long range private jets have relatively straightforward plan of cabin, lounge, bathroom and bedroom, Lufthansa Technik’s BBJ 777-9 layout is closer to that of a superyacht. Forward is the master cabin (that is expandable and highly functional), and heading aft we have a main salon, galley/bar, conference room and cabins at the mid section. The aft has been designed to transport entourage delegations in style and convenience and to cater for the needs of official missions. That’s a huge amount of space and every inch has been prioritised for versatility and multifunctionality.

Lufthansa Technik’s BBJ 777-9 layout is closer to that of a superyacht.



Perhaps not unexpectedly, Lufthansa Technik has gone for a Middle East theme for the VIP concept, incorporating traditional elements of Middle Eastern cultural heritage but with a modern twist. The cabin’s colourway consists of earthy browns and soft creams with ‘lantern’ style triangle mosaics featured throughout. The cabin also boasts a large majlis, and the overall design remains constant throughout, creating a harmonious and relaxing ambience. As this is a pre-launch concept, no doubt there will be changes when the detailed design is revealed later this year, but we expect the ambient elements to remain the same.

Particularly important for an ultra-long range aircraft, a special light and window shade concept has been implemented throughout the cabin, giving passengers the feeling of being in their personal living room, rather than flying at 30,000 feet.


To ensure the feasibility of the design, as dimensions shown are 100 percent accurate, this VIP concept is the first of its kind to be developed using native aircraft data as provided by Boeing.  “We are thrilled to unveil first insights into this new VIP cabin design for the BBJ 777-9,” said Jan Grube, Sales Director in VIP &  Special Mission Aircraft Services at Lufthansa Technik. “Our team’s mission was to create a cabin that is both functional and beautiful, while also meeting the unique needs of our VIP clients in the Middle East. We are confident that this cabin design will set a new standard for VIP aviation, and we look forward to bringing it to market.”

Although Lufthansa Technik presented early visual at EBACE, more details and specifications will be gradually revealed, and Altitudes will report on the concept’s evolution throughout the year.