News — 22.04.24

Lufthansa Technik’s CelestialSTAR sets a new standard for BBJ 777-9 VVIP cabins

Lufthansa Technik revealed the full details of its CelestialSTAR concept at this year’s Dubai Air Show, with the VVIP cabin’s final designs combining traditional influences from the Middle East’s cultural heritage with a modern twist.

The new renderings of this spacious 340 square metre interior, present a design specifically tailored to the requirements of a new generation of VVIP and head-of-state aircraft. Here, Middle Eastern geometric design patterns decorate the widest cabin among all newly available VVIP aircraft types, creating vast living and working areas that include the cocoon-like Private Bed and Bathroom and the adjacent Work&Balnacearea.

“The elegant interior elements maximize personal comfort for passengers on board the BBJ 777-9, which is capable of flying over 22 hours and connecting any two cities in the world, non-stop.”



The Work&Balance area adjoining the cocoon also makes full use of the cabin width and is designed to be multifunctional. In the two flexibly rotating and sliding seats, guests here can not only gather around the large VVIP desk for audiences but also turn and move their seats to the side divans for conversations with additional guests.

State-of-the-Art: The cabin design takes full advantage of the vast space available on the BBJ 777-9 and prioritises versatility and multi-functionality.




Adjacent to the Private Suite is the Celestial Lounge, where CelestialSTAR’s guests enter the aircraft. An integrated refreshments bar and several stylish seating arrangements welcome high-ranking guests on board, and the lounge can be merged with the adjoining Conference&Dining area, to create a majlis.

“The BBJ 777-9 is the largest aircraft type newly available on the market and thus simply predestined for its role as successor to the BBJ 747 as the most popular aircraft for heads of state, many of which are among our loyal customers for decades,” said Hassan Gasim, Sales Director Middle East VIP & Special Aircraft Services at Lufthansa Technik, “Through our close cooperation with Boeing Business Jets and furthermore Lufthansa’s role as launch customer for the new type, we were able to build up extensive technical expertise at an early stage. Therefore, we are pleased to present our valued customers at the Dubai Airshow this once again groundbreaking interior that makes the most of the BBJ 777-9’s size.”