News — 02.11.23

Lufthansa Technik Aero Alzey (LTAA), the wholly owned subsidiary of Lufthansa Technik AG, has inaugurated a new 1,500-square-meter hangar at its facilities southwest of Frankfurt.

The new three-level building has been designed to boost the company’s production capabilities and meet the rising demand for engine overhauls. Located within LTAA’s current premises, this new facility will act as a temporary storage space for engine components and large tools. Its main purpose is to enable LTAA to simultaneously work on a larger number of engines, in line with the company’s strategic growth goals for the future.

Matthias Gruber, CEO of LTAA, concludes: “The addition of this new space marks an important milestone in our path towards future growth. Despite the challenges faced over the past three years, we have managed to retain a significant portion of our highly skilled workforce. We are thus well positioned to serve the high demands of the market and to continue on a course of growth.”