News — 13.05.24

GlobeAir began back in 2007, when the aviation industry was on the verge of a transformation.

Passionate aviator and visionary, Bernhard Fragner saw a demand for personalised, efficient, and luxurious air travel founding the company with a vision to revolutionise short-haul travel. Fragner had a vision for a service that could shift air travel from a luxury to an essential requirement. His firsthand experience with the challenges of business travel fueled his determination to create a solution that would save time and ensure the well-being of busy professionals.

Fragner remembers, “Being on the road was tiring and, at times, even dangerous. Those seemingly endless drives to engage with clients were replaced by flights aboard my co-owned Cessna 310, a change that created quality time and safeguarded my well-being. During these flights, I realised the pressing need for a service that would redefine the concept of business travel through a private jet charter company.”

From its humble beginnings in Hörsching, Linz, Austria, GlobeAir quickly soared great heights, building a solid foundation for the future thanks to meticulous planning and securing investors such as Friedrich Huemer, who was impressed by the commitment and potential of the venture.

Over the years, GlobeAir’s fleet has expanded and evolved, and today, the fleet comprises of 21 Cessna Citation Mustangs, each equipped to offer an efficient and comfortable journey.