Farewell Mel…

News — 22.01.19 BY Sylvie Peron
Melicha Uribe

Kalogridis International's Melicha Uribe passed away on 21st December after a long illness.

Kalogridis International has announced the passing of Melicha Uribe (Mel) in December, after a long illness. Mel was deeply passionate about Kalogridis’ success and the welfare of all who work there. Though small in stature, she was a force of nature and worked tirelessly to move the company forward.

Born in Mexico, she moved to Texas with her family as a child. After graduating from College in South Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry, she began her professional career in the oil industry. She later found her way to Kalogridis working as a secretary/bookkeeper. Melicha’s flare for design was soon discovered and she moved into the design side of the business, developing and designing samples. This led to working closely with designers to develop designs specific to their tastes and needs. Her first account was Dassault Falcon Jet, and she eventually worked closely with all the major OEMs. Simultaneously, in the yachting industry Melicha worked closely with people such as Jon Bannenberg, Andrew Winch and Donald Starkey.

She was a mother hen to everyone, especially the designers whom she guided and taught the very unique position she herself had created.

Her strength and determination and fight over many years of suffering will forever be an inspiration to everyone who knew her. Mel will be missed not only by all of the staff at Kalogridis but throughout the whole business aviation community.