News — 18.03.24

Embraer-X today announced a partnership with Hamburg-based Sustainable Aero Lab in a joint initiative to leverage open innovation in connection with global researchers, experienced entrepreneurs, founders, industry professionals, and investors.

The agreement highlights Embraer’s commitment to collaborate with the sustainable aviation of the future by exchanging experiences and investing in startup projects focused on energy transition for the air transport industry.

“Sustainable Aero Lab has developed a key role in the global open innovation ecosystem, mentoring leading personalities. We want to combine synergies to inspire and accelerate new business opportunities, projects, and technologies that are creating the green future that moves each one of us,” said Daniel Moczydlower, CEO of Embraer-X.

Stephan Uhrenbacher, Founder and CEO of Sustainable Aero Lab, said, “With the backing of Embraer-X, we will elevate our mentorship program for aviation startups to new heights. We are excited to work together on building a sustainable future of aviation, coordinating our support initiatives, and streamlining access to each other’s resources for startups, infrastructure, and expertise.”

Sustainable Aero Lab shares the same vision as Embraer-X to make climate-neutral aviation a reality. The German innovation hub identifies and accelerates startups and projects around the world to deliver a tangible reduction of the climate footprint of aviation. This is achieved by bringing together startups with experienced mentors and investors in live sessions and one-to-one coaching, as well as opening doors and finding customers, new projects, and partners.

Among other initiatives, Sustainable Aero Lab serves as a platform where it openly discusses and promotes zero-emission aviation technologies, including developments such as SAF and hydrogen.