News — 17.03.22

EDEIS, a leader in airport management in France, and Luxaviation, one of the largest private aircraft operators in the world, are to collaborate on developing a more sustainable and decarbonised approach to business aviation and regional mobility.

By combining their operational expertise, commercial networks, engineering experience and regulatory insights, both companies will build on existing facilities while launching decarbonised aviation services across their networks.

EVTOL (electric takeoff and landing) and ECTOL (electric conventional takeoff and landing) will be enabled through electrification and long-term planning of facilities with specific pilot projects to be announced later this year.

“We strongly believe in adjacencies between business aviation and early stages of Advanced Air Mobility and our partnership with EDEIS implements this vision across regional airport networks where FBOs today, vertiports tomorrow will play a key enabler role,” said Christophe Lapierre, Chief Strategy Officer, Luxaviation.