News — 01.07.24

AMAC Aerospace has signed a new contract for the full Refurbishment and Maintenance of a B747-8i that is operated by a head of state.

The work entails a full refurbishment and some partial redesign of all zones and takes into account a refresh of the old design to the new. The design was made into a variety of options for the client to choose from, of which, all styles and concepts of the interior were made up by AMAC Aerospace’s own interior design department. The most discerning clients require the best the world can offer and we aim to please the whole customer journey, from initial design conversations, through to the technical aspects that the aircraft requires to a well-specified interior specification. The downtime for this project is approximately 3years at our facility in Basel, Switzerland.

The aircraft will undergo several checks – A3/1B/2B/1C/3C while under the refurbishment program. Special attention will be given to the aircraft during the long downtime with Storage and De-Storage of the aircraft. Prolonged parking maintenance will be undertaken, including periodic inspections and a cabin storage program that takes into account the special practices of preservation during maintenance activities. Seating will be analyzed and redesigned to offer more comfort and less vibration than what is currently on board the aircraft now. A new medical theatre room which will have all currently existing medical equipment replaced with new products and equipment, a new Ka-band SATCOM system (AMAC STC), and among other things a new CMS/IFE throughout the cabin. On the upper deck, some seats shall be eliminated to offer more space and make the cabin weight lighter but with improved functionality.