Lifestyle — 18.05.23

KIZA, the region’s first Pan-African Restaurant and Lounge, has reopened its doors to the public after reinventing and reimagining itself to welcome patrons from all walks of life to come together under one roof to enjoy new vibrant flavours from Africa’s seas, lands and hearts, in an elevated sophistication set to launch a wide array of authentic experiences that promises to transport guests.

African cuisine is a fascinating fusion of flavours and cooking techniques, representing a diversity that is unparalleled in any other continent. With an authentic Pan-African menu, KIZA is a melting pot for Africa’s rich culinary tradition. From the spicy and bold flavours of West African Jollof Rice to the hearty stews of East Africa, the aromatic tagines of North Africa and the textures of South African seafood, African cuisine is a reflection of the continent’s rich history, diverse cultures, and bountiful natural resources.

For over a decade, KIZA’s success is rooted in its unwavering commitment to celebrating and showcasing the diversity and vibrancy of Africa through its lively ambience, pulsating beats, live performances, immersive dining experiences, and flavours from across 54 Pan-African countries. The menu is a culinary journey through the diverse and rich flavours of Africa, showcasing an expansive array of traditional dishes from West, East, Central, and South Africa encompassing the techniques and cultures of the 1.2 billion inhabitants.


A warm welcome is the most important African value and there’s no better way than welcoming guests to a feast of the senses, relishing in iconic African delicacies inspired by the seas, lands, and hearts of Africa. Offering patrons a cosmopolitan experience from their delicate starters to hearty mains and traditional desserts to ensure every meal ends on a sweet note.

From the Seas

At KIZA, seafood enthusiasts can indulge in an unparalleled dining experience with a diverse range of options that includes succulent Tiger Prawns sourced directly from the shores of Madagascar and whole-baked Seabream, freshly caught off the coast of Namibia.

From the Land

Whether guests are looking to try Moroccan Fried Chicken Breast or Slow Cooked Karoo Lamb  Shank, their taste buds can savour the rich and authentic taste of the land, as they embark on a gastronomic odyssey with the finest quality of meats using African cooking techniques.


From the Heart

With each dish artfully crafted using the freshest ingredients and authentic recipes, KIZA’s menu is a definitive celebration of the vibrant and diverse gastronomic heritage of Africa. Patrons can enjoy home style cooking with a hearty Beef Curry Cape Malay from South Africa, a Lamb Ragout from West Africa or African Arabian-inspired Stew.

The new KIZA has undergone a quintessential transformation into a bright and vibrant space, spanning an impressive 6,500 square feet and boasting a seating capacity of 200 guests. The new design features Pan-African-inspired decor whilst retaining the authentic vibe that guests have come to love. The venue is set to announce experiences from lively open mic nights, sophisticated food and wine pairing events, soulful Jazz performances, to upcoming artist showcases, and delightful afternoon offerings.

“Africa today is not Africa yesterday. Kiza re-imagined, is a true reflection of this new-age Africa, which has become in most recent years, the root of inspiration for global music, culture, food, and so much more.” said Ian Alexander, General Manager of KIZA. “The full revamp of the venue brings to the scene the sophisticated side of Africa, through an elevated interior, menu, and entertainment lineup. Africa today can be seen empowering the young generation of creators and innovators as they shape the world, and we at KIZA aim to continue being the pioneer we have always been, amongst the local scene.”

KIZA is more than just a restaurant; it’s a way of life. A celebration of Pan-African culture, music, and cuisine, and a platform for showcasing the best of Africa to the world. Reservations can be made by calling +9714 453 9038. @kizadubai |