Lifestyle — 16.06.23

Purosangue is the Italian word for thoroughbred, however, we also like the new Ferrari’s direct translation: pure blood.

Altitudes catches up with Ferrari Middle East’s Managing Director, Giorgio Turri, to learn more about Maranello’s latest V12.

A Ferrari name has to evoke an emotional reaction. Testarossa, Daytona, Enzo, Dino; all signatures that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. Purosangue literally means thoroughbred – a designation that Ferrari wouldn’t use lightly, and here, in a private viewing in Dubai’s Bluewaters, Ferrari Middle East’s Managing Director, Giorgio Turri talks us through the Purosangue, a sports car, and most definitely not an SUV.

Altitudes: So this is the new Ferrari SUV?

Giorgio: This is the Ferrari Purosangue and most certainly we do not call it “SUV”. The Purosangue is definitely a sports car, because it is conceived and made based on the architecture of a sports cars – the Transaxle layout with the engine mounted behind the front axle and the gearbox in the back – and because it has the driving dynamics of a sports car, thanks to the weight distribution – 49% in the front and 51% in the back – but also to innovations like the new Ferrari Active Suspension Technology.

Ultimately, this is sports car with a superior level of versatility and comfort dedicated to the clients who would like to enjoy a Ferrari every day and in all weather conditions. The Purosangue is unlike any other, a game changer that – as many models in the past – creates a brand new segment.


Altitudes: So, it handles like a sports car?

Giorgio: Yes, definitely. This was the objective of our Technical team and they have been able to achieve it by introducing a major innovation –  the Ferrari Active Suspension Technology I just mentioned. This is a brand new electro-hydraulic suspension system that has been patented by Ferrari  – and combining it with all the vehicle dynamic control systems from our most exclusive sports cars, meaning the independent four-wheel steering, the ABS evo, the 6-ways Chassis Dynamic Sensor. Altogether, these ensure the effective control of body roll in corners and deliver the same performance and handling response as our sports cars.

Altitudes: It sits much lower than the concept images?

Giorgio: Ultimately, the driving position is the one you expect from a Ferrari. When you sit behind the wheel, you will appreciate that the driving position is not the one of an SUV, it’s the one of a sports car, similar to what we have on an 812.

Altitudes: Has the V12 been modified?

Giorgio: We’ve redesigned the V12 to accommodate the specific requirements of this kind of car. So it has 725 hp, but most important, it has 760 newton metres of torque, of which 80% is available from only 2000rpm.

Altitudes: It’s a more relaxed drive on the road?

Giorgio: That depends very much on who’s driving it!

Altitudes: And the sound?

Giorgio: It sounds like a Ferrari V12. A symphony that is both unique and unmistakably Ferrari.


Altitudes: And the driver can share the experience with up to three guests?

Giorgio: Yes, it has room for four people. Four but not five, as this is a precise choice to ensure that everyone on board feels like  sitting in a sports car. So you have four individual seats, with massage and ventilation in the front and electric regulations also in the back – all the luxuries that you want. Also, we have the ‘welcome doors’ (hinged at the rear rather than the front) that are wonderful in terms of ingress and egress. The welcome doors are a functional choice but also an amazing design solution to allow a wonderful view from the side when open.

Altitudes: We were expecting it to be red!

Giorgio: If you come close, you can see pigments of red – it’s a brand new colour called Nero Purosangue.


Altitudes: Does this mean Maranello is aiming at a slightly different Ferrari enthusiast with the Purosangue?

Giorgio: Not necessarily. We remain loyal to the target of offering different Ferrari for different Ferraristi and a different Ferrari for different moments. So a person can have a number of Ferraris and pick the one that is fitting for the required purpose. If I want to take the family or friends with me, I will take the Purosangue. If I want to do a track day, I’ll take the 296 GTB or the SF90 Stradale.

Altitudes: So it’s very much aimed at existing Ferrari owners?

Giorgio: The Purosangue was essentially created to satisfy a request  from our clients. We know that our clients do not only own one car; they don’t only have an F8, only a Roma, only an SF90 – they usually have a daily driver that is more versatile and our clients asked us to give them a more comfortable, a more versatile Ferrari, for them to enjoy the pleasure of driving a Ferrari every day with no compromises.

Altitudes: So it’s an addition, not a replacement?

Giorgio: Exactly, the Purosangue is not replacing anything, it is coming to open a new segment and complete the model range. It keeps the DNA of Ferrari, the performance, the driving character of a Ferrari, but combine it with superior levels of versatility.