HondaJet Elite: On the ramp

Focus — 24.04.19 BY David Zara

This wing has one purpose and one purpose only – to fly and fly well. I’ll save you the suspense. It does the job incredibly well.

I was primed to turn left when climbing aboard the Elite, but a very nicely done little galley upfront and a quick glance to my right made me want to spend some time back there. There is a real lavatory, which is now belted for the extra passenger. I still don’t like the sink – it still reminds me of an eighties sitcom version of an opulent home – but the whole cabin is beautiful. The finish is superb and everything feels tight and without artifice. You don’t sink into the seats and they aren’t plush, yet they are more comfortable than most private jet seats. One huge advantage is that the toilet is externally-serviced. Both pilots and passengers will appreciate this big plane feature. The cabin design is clean and almost spartan. More like a teutonic high performance automobile than a flying recreation of your living room.