Pierrejean launches new design brand

Design — 04.03.19 BY Sylvie Peron

Renowned for his work spanning across the domains of aircraft, yachting, architecture, and design, Jacques Pierrejean is known for creating works of astounding elegance. After the creation of Pierrejean Design Studio in Paris in 1975, he has since completed a wide array of projects for acclaimed companies across the world. In 2018, he transformed his brand Pierrejean Vision, a new brand encompassing 44 years of professional experience together with a unique approach to each project.

When opening the new website of Pierrejean Vision, one might be surprised to encounter the elegant figures of dancers, gracefully forming corporeal structures and sculptures to reflect each of the company’s specialties of Aviation, Yachting, Design, and Architecture. “My philosophy begins from the human body,” says Pierrejean. “For each body is, in essence, a perfectly-made design.” When observing a dancer, you can feel the elegance in their movement, the mechanism of muscles working together in perfect coordination to create a masterpiece. The architecture of the dancer’s body is quite similar to the architecture (behind) a design, and Pierrejean begins every project by researching the natural curves and form of the human body to bring an organic and aesthetic shape to his creations.

Jacques Pierrejean

Inspired by the natural perfection of the human body, Jacques Pierrejean has transformed his brand to reflect his unique approach to design.


Taking the inspiration of the human form, Pierrejean’s creativity knows no limit and he undertakes projects of all sizes. Starting from the smaller end of the spectrum, if only in physical size, he is currently working with his team on developing designs for a flying car that can make city transport convenient and accessible. Moving up in size, he is also currently working on designing models for helicopters, envisioning an effective use of the limited space in order to maximize comfort and luxury in an ergonomic manner. This type of project is nothing new; having begun his design career working with Dassault Aviation on the interior design of the early Falcon aircraft, jets have long been one of Pierrejean’s specialties.

Since then, he has worked with both Boeing and Airbus to create new and innovative interiors for the ACJ and BBJ models. With the experience gained from working with private aircraft, he has brought his creativity and expertise to the design of various cabin classes of multiple commercial airlines, most notably the award-winning Singapore Airlines First Class “Mini-Suites” and Emirates First Class Cabins. Experience is key for Pierrejean: “When we start to think about new cabins for major airlines, the different sub-contractors are more open to think of us for the future, knowing what we have done in the past” he says. “Thanks to this, we have had the chance to think of new creativity, new concepts, new ambiances with lighting, and using concepts for commercial airlines that were normally used for private aircraft. I believe this has allowed us to carve out a special place in the market for those customers looking for a highly creative approach.”


While Pierrejean’s work spans across multiple types of aircraft, his creativity does not stop with the sky. A unique aspect of the studio is their integration across multiple industries, including interior and exterior yacht design, architecture, and industrial design pieces. “While I began my career with the interior of jets, I have to admit after beginning to work in yacht design, I was thrilled to realise the extreme creative potential for yachts” says Pierrejean. “It allows you to think without restrictions, and gives endless possibilities for playing with light, reflections, external spaces areas, general arrangements.” No project better represents this philosophy than M/Y YAS (2011), the 141m Gigayacht modelled after the shape of a dolphin. Again, the natural world comes into play; traditional angular edges are replaced by soft curves and an elegantly-refined shape, inspired by both the dolphin and human forms.


With already 44 years in the business behind him, Jacques Pierrejean is still actively pushing forward towards his vision of the future with Pierrejean Vision. Nature and the natural world are critical elements to every one of his undertakings, with an ever-present emphasis on sustainability and respect for the environment. 2019 will see the launch of his floating house conception, the ‘Carré de Vie’ in France, with plans for additional constructions already in place. He and his team will also continue working on new concepts and innovative ideas for both the private and commercial aircraft sectors, and new launch dates will soon be announced. “Every project presents a new challenge” he says, “but this is what I love about design. There is no limit to our creativity to overcome these challenges, and I find that the source of this creativity comes from the pure simplicity and perfection of the human body and the beauty of the dancer in motion.”