JetClass and GlobeAir join forces

News — 01.11.17

Jet Class

JetClass, the new start-up, has joined forces with GlobeAir – a leading European private jet charter operator – to form a mutually beneficial partnership within the aviation industry, JetClass does not own jets but it uses the available jets on the market. The company was born from the already established Charterscanner, a B2C private jet booking system that provides its customers with charter prices directly from operators worldwide. The system has access to 3,500 aircraft all over the world and knows where each jet is based. 

In order to provide clients with a superior service throughout Europe, and for prices similar to traditional business class tickets, the commercial pairing sees JetClass’s innovative business model utilise GlobeAir’s extensive fleet of private jets.

“We are seizing this opportunity to reach out to a wider audience of charter customers by partnering with JetClass. Their revolutionary business model is reinventing the way travellers connect with the private jet industry, easing the way the modern traveller flies in Europe,” commented Bernhard Fragner, the CEO of GlobeAir.

“With 16 Mustang jets and an ‘air taxi’ ethos, GlobeAir offers the perfect infrastructure for us to roll out our innovative service,” added Mr Wagas Ali, Co-Founder of JetClass.

Due to its dynamic flight schedule, which is innovatively determined by artificial intelligence, JetClass is able to offer seats on private jets from as little as 650 EUR, and currently serves London, Brussels, Zurich, Nice and Olbia, with further plans to increase the flight network.