For a harmonious change of the seasons, celebrating the arrival of the Spring Equinox, Chinese Executive Chef Edwin Tang at Cuisine Cuisine at The Mira presents a nourishing menu of perfectly balanced Cantonese specialties

Stemming from “Harmony” – a concept deeply rooted in the ancient Chinese culture and the heart of the culinary philosophy of the chef – the new set menu available from now until 30 April 2024 features 6 sumptuous delicacies such as Double-boiled Chicken Soup with Fresh Korean Ginseng and Schizandra Berry as well as delicate dessert of Double-boiled Aloe Vera Sweet Soup with Dried Longan and Goji Berry that can also be ordered a la carte.

Mindful of the daily challenges of modern-day living in a vibrant metropolis, Chef Edwin Tang demonstrates a deep understanding of the common belief that a nourishing diet that feeds the Life Force “Qi” is key to a balanced lifestyle. Culinary Team of Cuisine Cuisine embraces this concept with a symphony of flavours featuring precious roots, mushrooms, herbs, and berries highly valued for their Traditional Chinese Medicine properties, adding a whole new dimension of flavours to well-thought-through dishes designed to promote health and taking into consideration seasonal changes in Hong Kong’s capricious weather influenced by its sub-tropical climate.


TCM healing is often associated with pungent herbs with astringent flavours and yet nourishment of the body with bizarre-sounding, unfamiliar ingredients could hardly be more pleasurable at the Michelin-recommended Cantonese restaurant of The Mira, an urban lifestyle retreat in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui. Think of delicately Poached Australian Lobster with Gorgon Fruit, Soy Milk, and gelatinous Nostoc Sphaeroides (à la carte Price: HK$438 per person) – an edible blue-green algae with highly nutritional value that adds delicate texture and briny umami to the dish also featuring fox nuts packed with flavonoids that are regarded as spleen tonic.

Nourishing Spring Equinox Harmony Set Menu is priced at HK$988 per person for 6 courses plus dessert. The minimum order for 2 Guests and 24 hours advance booking is required.

This seasonal set menu is available from now till 30 April 2024, from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.