Lifestyle — 10.09.23

Only 62 unique vehicles produced worldwide and already sold out

At first, it was secretly known as “Project24”.

These days, the official name MCXtrema is reminiscent of the Maserati MC20 base model – the “first of its kind”, a super sports car entirely made in Italy that has marked the beginning of the brand’s new era. It also pays homage to the strong legacy of Maserati Corse, along with the concept of the extreme, which recalls the superlative soul of this outstanding four-wheeled marvel.

The concept behind this unique product is the idea of unleashing a true racing “beast”, something different and disruptive compared with anything that has ever been done before. A car designed to impress and ignite passion for extreme racing with its fine design and mind-blowing performance.

MCXtrema is the brand’s new creation that expresses the essence of Maserati Corse; a car raring to take up Maserati’s many sporting success and proud tradition in the racing world. A project conceived to ignite passion on the world’s most exhilarating bends, which have seen the likes of world-famous racing champions.

The result of a desire for success, advanced engineering and innovation, with a focus on speed, elegance, style, and luxury, it showcases Maserati’s unmatched engine power, bold design and exceptional capabilities.