Lifestyle — 27.07.23

Raymond Weil, the family-owned and operated Swiss watchmaker, proudly presents a limited-edition timepiece that pays homage to the enchanting world of live music.

In an exciting partnership with Raymond Weil ambassadors Sandy Sax and Victor Le Douarec, the Brand is celebrating the magic of music and the power of shared experiences.

The freelancer Pop Bi-Compax Chronograph Limited Edition, aptly named to evoke a visual symphony, exudes the essence of joy and camaraderie found in live musical performances. With hints of turquoise adorning the dial, bezel and oscillating weight, this remarkable design infuses the renowned freelancer chronograph collection with an electrifying burst of creative energy.

As part of the release, Raymond Weil has joined forces with saxophonist Sandy Sax and emerging pianist Victor Le Douarec to create a special song in collaboration, that celebrates the harmonious relationship between horology and music. Through engaging visuals and a joyful performance, the project ignites a shared passion for the beauty of music and the elegance of timekeeping.

Limited to just 400 timepieces, the freelancer Pop Bi-Compax Chronograph is a timepiece for both watchmaking aficionados and music enthusiasts alike. This exceptional watch exemplifies the fusion of heritage, innovation, and artistic expression, reaffirming Raymond Weil’s unwavering commitment to crafting creative timepieces that transcend boundaries.