Revolution Aero

Sep 23-24


The First Industrial Revolution, which started in Britain in 1760, was powered by steam. The Second was driven by electricity and the Third by information technology.The Fourth Industrial Revolution, driven by a range of new technologies including artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing, nanotechnology and others has already started.Every industry is being disrupted and the rate of change is faster than ever. Just as with the previous three revolutions, businesses and society will be reshaped. The same is true for aviation.This is without doubt the start of a new aviation revolution.


Jim Adler, Toyota AI Ventures
Armando Antonini, CharterPad
Katerina Barilov, Shearwater Aero Capital
Kirsten Bartok, AirFinance
Eric Bartsch, VerdeGo Aero
Sam Bousfield, Samson Sky
George Bye, Bye Aerospace Inc.
Dave Chaimson, Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA)
Jan Detert, Audi
Dean Donovan, DiamondStream Partners
Daniel Elwell, Federal Aviation Administration
Ronald Epstein, Bank of America Merrill Lynch International
Brian Flynn, DiamondStream Partners
Roei Ganzarski, magniX
Edward Gross, Vedder Price
Clayton Healey, AIC Title Service
David Hernandez, Vedder Price
Tom Hsieh, FLOAT Shuttle
Gwen Lighter, GoFly
Erik Lindbergh, VerdeGo Aero
Rob McKinney, Mokulele Airlines
Michele Merkle, Federal Aviation Authority
Rob McKinney, Mokulele Airlines
David Norton, Shackelford, Bowen, McKinley & Norton, LLP
Ryan Pulliam, Specular Theory
Doug Reinart, Porsche Consulting
Joseph Rios, National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Sandra Ro, Global Blockchain Business Council
Dean Roberts, Rolls-Royce
Brian Schettler, Boeing HorizonX
Joseph Segura-Conn, Hoversurf Inc.
Angela Shi, Plug & Play Tech Center
Cyrus Sigari, jetAVIVA
Bonny Simi, JetBlue Technology Ventures
John Stack, Canaccord Genuity
Andre Stein, EmbraerX
Tobias Strobl, Business Models Inc.
Ford von Weise, Citi Private Bank
Sacha Wetzel, Avfoil
Paul Willard, Storm Ventures


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Revolution Aero
Sep 23-24, 2019
San Francisco 2019

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DICEC – Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre

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