Jack Prewitt & Associates

The Jack Prewitt & Associates vision for excellence and customer satisfaction was launched in 1978 with a drive to empower business professionals and world travelers to take flight. The year was 1978, and Mr. Jack Prewitt had a vision. He wanted to launch a business that would deliver the joy and empowerment of flight to business professionals and travel enthusiasts across the nation. That same year, Jack made his vision a reality. He started with a small team of aviation professionals, and as demand for his services grew, he built his team into the company you know today. During our first 30 years in business, Jack Prewitt & Associates sold over 1,000 aircraft.

Jack Prewitt & Associates remains a true and consistent leader in the corporate aircraft world. For more than 30 years, the Jack Prewitt brand has been a beacon to world travelers providing sound and professional service. Our team of aviation professionals has not only helped mold the Jack Prewitt brand, but has forged a reputation in the aircraft industry for: • Luxury Accommodations • Elite Service • Dedication to the clients needs • Providing custom design details In fact, leaders from our executive team are among the founding members and board of directors of the National Aircraft Resale Association (NARA). When it comes to selecting your advocate in aviation, you deserve concierge attention, experienced counsel, thoughtful consideration, and a philosophy of excellence. Let JPA earn your trust, and we’ll give you your wings.


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