BBJ Max designs beautiful new beginnings

Design — 26.11.18 BY Jill Stockbridge

Boeing Business Jets has unveiled Genesis, a new interior concept for the BBJ Max. With low lighting, curves and soft colours, SkyStyle has created a calm space that features sliding tables, hidden wardrobes, and folding bulkheads.

Boeing Business Jets (BBJ) has delivered the first BBJ MAX airplane to a customer. The aircraft is scheduled to fly shortly to an interior finishing centre, widely believed to be Comlux Completions. To commemorate the first delivery, BBJ has unveiled a new interior concept by award winning aviation design firm SkyStyle. The concept, named Genesis by SkyStyle Co-Founders Max Pardo and Lucas Colombo, represents the company’s debut in BBJ MAX design.

According to the Argentina-based design house: “Stylistically, the BBJ MAX Genesis concept draws inspiration from nature’s tranquillity; lenticular clouds hanging over a white sand beach, smooth rolling hills and a starry night sky. The goal of Genesis is to create an environment where passengers actually want to remain aboard.”


The interior of the concept is about calm, adaptability and soft curves – with not a sharp angle or square edge to be seen. Hidden lighting sheds soft illumination throughout the cabin, with directional spotlights where more brightness is needed. Uplighters highlight the sinuous shape of the ceiling recesses, while a star-filled ceiling sections offer diffuse lighting on the living and dining areas. Slim continuous reflective panels running the length of the cabin and into the bedroom, define the curves of the ceiling, and also display digital information as required.

Dove great, subtly patterned ripple effect carpets ensure the stylistic flow throughout the cabin. Dark wood veneer ledges and slim tables contrast with pale walls and white leather seating.

Sliding tables

The dark grey panelled kitchen features a large crystal and china storage that slowly lowers from above, leaving greater space for equipment and storage in the main kitchen area. The kitchen preparation surface is designed to slide seamlessly across to the seating and dining area, removing the need to carry hot items, plates and food through the cabin. Simply lay up the table and slide it into place. When privacy is required an information screen slides across at table level to divide the two areas.

The large curved divan in the living area features a full-length headrest and a leg rest that appears from beneath the seating. It is decorated with subtle patterns in LED light.

The aft cabin, with paired seating and a large conference/dining table, can be separated from the main cabin by folding bulkheads that concertina across the width of the cabin. From the surface of the large conference table a screen hinges, offering information or inflight entertainment.

In the principal bedroom, ample wardrobes are hidden in a curved panelled wall, set behind a dressing table and large entertainment screen. The wall drops down to reveal his and hers hanging and shelving space.

“Regarding design; size is irrelevant. Proportion is vital.” – Max Pardo and Lucas Colombo, SkyStyle Advanced Aviation Design.

The futuristic ensuite bathroom, curves around the user, with pale grey panels and porcelain white units, matched with silver fittings in very modern and minimal design.

“From an aviation designer’s perspective, the BBJ MAX is incredibly appealing because there is so much more interior space to realise one’s vision,” said Max Pardo. “And since the MAX flies ultra-long-distances, the owners are looking for a comfortable lounge, multi-function conference area and a large master suite to ensure the ultimate flight experience.”

“BBJ MAX interiors have always been a sharp departure from the cramped cabins of smaller business jets, and the Genesis design is yet another example of our exclusive cabin capabilities,” said Greg Laxton, Head of Boeing Business Jets.